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How many points is ultimate frisbee played to
Ultimate is a team sport which mixes elements of football, basketball and rugy, substituting the ball with a flying disc (Frisbee) and the referee with ...
Catching thrills with Ultimate Frisbee. Game On: Talking points ...
Wilson takes third Ultimate Frisbee title
Ultimate Frisbee
An offensive player tries to play through a three-man cup defense during an informal game.
Mastering the Art of Cutting in Ultimate
Ultimate Frisbee Rules
When one team makes a successful pass to a teammate into their attacking endzone they score a point.
This instructable is for beginning ultimate frisbee players. It teaches the basics of ultimate Frisbee: how to throw, how to catch, best practices and rules ...
Durham University team playing Ultimate Frisbee. Photography by Edd Carmichael. Learn how to ...
Complex rules, no refs, postgame 'spirit circles': The father of a player discovers the only slightly hippie-ish joys of the Ultimate Frisbee college ...
People playing ultimate Frisbee
Don't Let the IOC Ruin Ultimate Frisbee
Teams return for 'casual' but 'competitive' ultimate Frisbee
Jesse Shofner, the first woman to play pro ultimate frisbee, now hopes to be a voice for change
Ultimate field dimensions and size
Ultimate Frisbee: In The Spirit Of The Game And Leadership
Pitt Ultimate Frisbee makes history
Ultimate Frisbee Is Trying to Break Into the Big Leagues
Have a go at Ultimate Frisbee
click to enlarge Ultimate Frisbee
Johnny Bravo's Jimmy Mickle playing at the historically windy 2015 Pro Flight Finale in Blaine,
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Ultimate is the ideal team sport for uniting divided societies and cultures. Much ...
Incredible play decides ultimate frisbee game on 'universe point'
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It was a season to forget for Sunderland Ultimate Frisbee as they ended the season bottom of the table with minus three points from their seven games in ...
Boys Ultimate Frisbee
It's the Ultimate DebateA Sport Without Referees? It's the Ultimate Debate
Highest governing body · World Flying Disc Federation. Nicknames. Ultimate frisbee ...
Frisbee Terms
How to play Ultimate Frisbee with your kids
Ultimate Frisbee Takes Off
Speedpoint Rules
New York Empire, state's only pro Ultimate Disc League team, relocates to New Rochelle
Keeping fit with Ultimate Frisbee
Revolution's Yina Cartagena lays out for the grab. Photo: Taylor Nguyen — UltiPhotos.com
Is Ultimate Frisbee the Golf of Silicon Valley?
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His coach said he had the shooting ability, court vision and attitude to go as far as he wanted as a basketball player.CreditMelissa Foles
Ann Arbor YMCA • Ultimate Frisbee Clinic
From Ultimate Frisbee to Racquetball: RIT Clubs
2019 Adult Summer League Registration opens soon! Check out our 'Adult Summer League' page now!
Noriaki To, right, pulls in a pass as players from
Ultimate Frisbee Rules and How to Play This Awesome Disc Golf Game
Ultimate Frisbee 2
Everybody ...
Disc Jockeys: Hill, Army team reach Ultimate Frisbee nationals | News, Sports, Jobs - News and Sentinel
Ultimate Frisbee
Even at some of the highest levels of ultimate frisbee there aren't referees;
Ultimate, originally known as ultimate frisbee, is a non-contact team sport played
Teams move the frisbee by passing it to each other, and a point is scored when a team successfully passes the frisbee into their opponents' end zone.
September 24, Ridisculous, the Littleton ultimate team, took on Cherry Creek for the second time this season. Similar to their first match up, Cherry Creek ...
Ironside's Josh Markette throws against Doublewide's Jerrod Wolfe. Photo: Jolie Lang -- UltiPhotos
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Ultimate in 10 simple rules
Drag'n Thrust gets a block at the Pro Flight Finale. Photo: Rodney
D.C.'s Ultimate Frisbee community reacts to Olympic news
Captain Nick Winstone and President Veronika Turek, alongside the others in their committee, have been pivotal to the atmosphere and high quality of the ...
Mercer ultimate frisbee team wins championship game by one point
Neuqua Knockout 2018, in Montgomery, Illinois. Photo: Rudy DeSort.
Insane Ultimate Frisbee Universe Point: Impossible Ending!!!
The "Dingwop Ultimate" team huddles between points during LT's Memorial Freedom Fest on Saturday at Park Point Recreation Area in Duluth.
The MIT men's club ultimate frisbee team faced off against WPI in a friendly scrimmage at
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Hansen Yang (left) ran track and Newton North. At Brandeis, captained the university's club ultimate frisbee team to the national finals.
The Greatest Defensive Point in Ultimate Frisbee
Though many white people consider competitive sports to be too aggressive and macho for their tastes there are a few exceptions. The most notable is Soccer ...
4th Annual West Point Classic
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The ...
High School summer pickup ultimate frisbee
The Malaysia U24 Ultimate Frisbee Team Story – Road to Worlds 2018
Ultimate Frisbee Game comes to Rwanda
1. Calling out the stall count
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WUCC 2014
Mark Sisson Playing Ultimate Frisbee
NexGen's Phillip Haas with the disc, playing against Boulder's Johnny Bravo.
Spirit of the game[edit]
PUL action