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Hurricanes named after females more deadly
Hurricanes named after females more deadly
Do Hurricanes With Female Names Cause More Deaths Because People Don't Take Them Seriously?
By Alexandra Sifferlin. June 2, 2014. Hurricanes given female names tend to be more deadly than hurricanes ...
Hurricane Katrina. Female ...
Hurricane Rita, 2005. (NOAA)
"A hurricane with a relatively masculine name is estimated to cause 15.15 deaths, whereas a hurricane with a relatively feminine name is estimated to cause ...
Female-named hurricanes probably do NOT kill more people than male hurricanes. By Jason Samenow
Download figure ...
Hurricanes with Female Names Kill More Deadly
Hurricane Irene
After Deadly Storms, Agency Retires 4 Hurricane Names
Satellite image of Tropical Storm Irma pictured here in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean on Aug.
FEMME FATALE Gender stereotypes may explain why hurricanes with feminine names cause more deaths than those with masculine names, a contested new study ...
Hurricanes With Female Names Are More Deadly
Hurricanes are a type of tropical storm that is formed in the southern Atlantic Ocean,
They actually spent money studying this: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms
Deadly and expensive
New research suggests that hurricanes with a female name, such as Hurricane Katrina seen here from space approaching Louisiana on 28 May 2005, are more ...
Why Are Hurricanes With Female Names More Deadly?
Hurricane Florence Sept 2018
August 30, 2005: People stand stranded on a roof in high flood waters from
Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms, study finds
Study Shows Hurricanes Given Female Names More Deadly
Hurricanes with female names have killed more people. But why?
... a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study. Female-named storms have historically killed more because people.
VERIFY: Are female-named hurricanes more deadly?
Hurricanes The World Metcorological Organization gives hurricanes human names (such as Hurricane Katrina
Female Named Hurricanes More Deadly
The eye of Hurricane Michael is seen above Florida.
VERIFY: Are female-named hurricanes more deadly?
Female-Named Hurricanes More Deadly Because of Sexism?!?
Study Concludes That Female Hurricanes Are More Dangerous Than Male Hurricanes | IFLScience
North Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico storm names
Hurricanes with female names are more deadly
The art — and politics — behind naming a hurricane
Farewell, Florence and Michael: Names of deadly, destructive hurricanes retired
The 2017 hurricane season is on track to break the record for the most named storms
Flickr user NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Two Hurricane Names from 2018 Retired
Are Hurricanes With Female Names Really More Deadly?
Hurricane Sandy, like Katrina, was not taken seriously enough by residents. Photo: Reuters. Hurricanes and storms with female names are more deadly ...
#6 Hurricane Ivan - A car sits at the edge of the I-10
Atlantic hurricane season begins
#10 Tropical Storm Agnes - Cindy King, left, her sister Tracy, center
Hurricane Mitch - Considered to be the deadliest hurricane since 1780.
Min Q1 Median Q3 Max Female Male (a) Which measure, the mean or
People perceive hurricanes with feminine names to be less threatening than hurricanes with masculine names. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.
#5 Hurricane Wilma - People walk past downed trees, Oct. 25, 2005
#9 Hurricane Rita - Rose Machado, left, walks in waist high floodwater as
List of Western North Pacific and South China Sea storm names
Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History: Erik Larson: 9780375708275: Amazon.com: Books
#8 Hurricane Hugo - Kitty Hicks salvages a few items from her home in Hemby
#2 Hurricane Sandy - The Breezy Point neighborhood at the tip of the Rockaway Peninsula
#12 Hurricane Frances - A man walks down Indian River Road, Sept. 5
Harvey The 'Most Significant Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Event In U.S. History'
#4 Hurricane Ike - A beachfront home stands among the debris in Gilchrist, Texas
Could a "Hurricane Michelle" be deadlier than a "Hurricane Michael?" Some researchers think so. Sunday was the start of hurricane season, ...
Hurricanes with female names more deadly and gender bias plays role, study says (video) (poll)
Hurricane Maria, left, and Hurricane Lee. Maria's winds were much weaker than Lee's, but it was a huge storm. (NOAA/NASA RAMMB/CIRA). By Angela Fritz
Hurricane Hermine
The Deadliest Atlantic Hurricane
Hurricane names retired: Neither Florence nor Michael will ever be used again
A recent article suggests that female-named hurricanes may be more deadly than male-named hurricanes because people see them as ...
#15 Hurricane Jeanne - Squalls from Hurricane Jeanne throw water and aquatic grass from Lake
#Hurricane, #tropical storm watches issued in the Lesser Antilles ahead of #Isaac
With hurricane season just kicking off, a new study has found hurricanes with female names are more deadly than ones with male names.
6 Natural Disasters Named After Women
Lightning storm
Verify: Are Hurricanes With Female Names More Dangerous?
CNN Says Female Hurricanes Far More Dangerous Than Male Hurricanes. By John Frizoli
Hurricanes Given Female Names Kill More People Because They're Not Taken Seriously. By Ghast Lee
List of retired South Pacific cyclone names
Hurricanes: Is the Female of the Species More Deadly Than the Male?
Hurricane Florence churned across the Atlantic heading towards the East Coast of the United States in
Cyclones are named from lists assigned to different regions around the globe. The names are
Hurricanes with female names do more damage as people underestimate their strength, research shows
Hurricane Elena, as seen from space by Space Shuttle Discovery
Hurricane Michael and other names of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season | abc7.com
Hurricane names Florence and Michael retired, won't be used again
Image 1 for article titled "Why Are Most Hurricanes Named After Women?"
No Atlantic Hurricane Name Has Been Used Longer than Florence, But It Likely Won't Be Used Again | The Weather Channel
Retired hurricane names