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Winter mushrooms pacific northwest
Photo by Hank Shaw
Winter oysters are one of the best edible mushrooms. They're frequently HUGE - I've found caps that are 9 inches across when fully mature, though 4 - 6 is ...
... Where to Find Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest ...
Winter oyster mushroom identification tips for foragers, locavores and more! Easy winter foraging for wild food.
Winter Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest
Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Yellow Foot Mushrooms
Winter chanterelle ( Craterellus tubaeformus )
Fall fruiting of Gray Shaggy Parasols - Chlorophyllum olivieri (=Macrolepiota / Lepiota olivieri) in my back yard under a Douglas fir, Kirkland WA.
Lactarius rubidus Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest | Mushroaming - Daniel Winkler's Webpages Dedicated to Mushrooms and Nature Tours
Winter oyster mushrooms grow exclusively on wood. I've seen them most frequently on the stumps and logs of recently felled trees. After 2-3 years, ...
Photo by Hank Shaw Photo by Hank Shaw
Slippery Jack - Suillus luteus
Craterellus tubaeformis Winter chanterelle
Mushroom edible winter chanterelle Southeast Alaska
Most striking of this big, beautiful and very tasty mushroom is the scaly cap, which it is named. Shaggy Parasol move through a "drumstick" phase, ...
Wild Edible Mushroom Season – Oregon
Winter Mushroom Hunting – 8 Species To Collect For Food And Medicine | Wild Foodism
No snow means lots of winter mushrooms in Washington.
Pacific Northwest Poisonous Mushrooms
Psilocybe cyanescens
Spruce Needles
Hooded False Morel Mushroom, Non Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest
Winter oysters should have white to cream/pale beige gills. If the gills are darker, you may have the wrong mushroom, or it may be too old to eat.
Cantharellus cibarius (Chanterelle) The typical form has egg yellow color overall, a smooth cap with a wavy to lobed margin. In the Pacific Northwest it ...
Five yellow Winter Chanterelles growing on the forest floor amid the stems of other plants,
gymnopilus aeruginosus Found on both conifer and hardwood mulch, logs, and stumps in the Pacific Northwest and on the East Coast of North America in spring, ...
Link to order my Edible PNW Mushroom Guide
Basket full of freshly harvested reishi mushrooms
Hedgehog Mushrooms
Hedgehog Mushroom
A spring fruiting of the Brown Shaggy Parasol - Chlorophyllum brunneum in St. Edwards Park, Bothel WA. Photo: April 22, 2006
5 Edible Mushrooms You Can Forage This Winter
See the stems on these two reishi mushrooms above?
The descriptions ...
(Justin Steyer/KPLU)
5 Mushrooms to Avoid in the Pacific Northwest
A crew heads back from picking in the land of the midnight sun in Tok, Alaska. They flew from Oregon to pick burn morels, which are mushrooms established ...
Strange looking mushroom but very tasty.
Winter Foraging
Is it Time to Fruit Your Mushroom Logs?
Mature Chanterelle
Chanterelle Mushroom
Washington State Mushroom Hunting
This mysteriuos bolete is included here, because there are only few Pacific Northwest images on the net. In the past it has also been named Porphyrellus ...
Nature Medley, created with found & arranged natural objects on daily wanderings among the islands of the Pacific Northwest. This piece was created on Lummi ...
winter chanterelles
Frosted from the cold of winter, wild mushrooms have taken over a trimmed tree branch
trying out a deer bed
Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Image - Photo of the deadly poisonous Death Cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides)
The Serious Eats Mushroom Shopping Guide
     Laccaria laccata, or Amber Bell mushroom. These firm
Oak (Quercus spp.)-Inonotus Root and Butt Rot
Hypholoma capnoides, a common winter find in the Pacific Northwest. This mushroom is edible
Oyster mushroom
Frozen rose hips.
Wild Edible Mushroom
Agaricaceae p.p. (Agaricus)
This tree is in the woods behind our house. Like the Licorice Fern that I posted about last weekend, this shelflike mushroom grows right out of the tree.
Photo by Hank Shaw
Jill Bliss. Mushroom Medley Winter Collection
Oyster Mushrooms
    This is a young cluster of Armillaria tabescens, the Ringless Honey
Poisonous Mushrooms in Urban Areas
Wild Mushroom Tart with Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Pin by Mikuni Wild Harvest on ∫ Winter ∫ | Pinterest | Lobster mushroom, Winter and Stuffed mushrooms
Boletales - (Paxillus, Tapinella, Phylloporus)
Uses: Very versatile mushroom, tasty addition to cream sauces, excellent stuffed. Season: Fresh February-July Source: Hand-picked from local Pacific ...
LBMs in a Seattle Park
Image related to Winter Injury of Landscape Plants in the Pacific Northwest
Brittle Cinder fungi, Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Poisonous Mushrooms: Death Cap
Fall lingers in the pacific northwest; its transition to winter is subtle. Without the hard freezes many areas experience, scattered leaves cling tightly to ...
Hygrophorus bakerensis is found in conifer forests.
They also Cantharellus subalbidus by David Rust
14 Types of Mushrooms and their Uses
... brown or tan" pacific northwest winter mushrooms.... That doesn't really narrow things down much..... lol... What kind of traits should I be looking at ...
Mapping Species Distributions
Idaho's Sun Valley Lodge
Morel Mushroom
Uses: Flavor blends well with chicken, fish, and rice. Season: Local September-December Source: Hand-picked from local Pacific Northwest forests
Pacific Golden Chanterelle - Wild edible mushrooms
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14 Types of Mushrooms and their Uses